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The Importance of Networking

Networking isn’t always at the top of everyone’s to-do list, we get it! Things are hectic, especially during harvest. So why is it so important?

Networking is about nurturing long-term mutually beneficial relationships, and forming connections with other individuals in your specific industry. Many people think networking can only be done through joining groups or associations that hold specific networking events, but in reality it can be done a number of different ways: standing in line at the coffee shop, a sports team you’re on, even at church on Sundays.

Many experts agree that people with larger networks are more successful, because of their connections in their respective industries. Through networking, you improve your skill sets, stay up to date with trends and information in your industry, and meet potential clients, mentors, or partners.

Just the other day, a colleague of mine used his network to solve a major problem he was having. He was out of a specific tool he needed for his harvest, and the manufacturer had no more available to purchase in the US. He started calling around his network in the area, and managed to find someone who had extras of the tool he needed! All he had to do was go pick them up, and he could use them for his harvest. So because of networking, he was able to avoid a potentially huge issue.

Overall, networking may not seem like an important thing to spend your precious time doing, but it can truly help you in the long run.

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