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Winning the Pest Control Wars

As the owner of a tree nut storage facility or manager in charge of pest control and prevention, you know that you’re on the front lines of a war. A war that consumers have no knowledge of when they’re slapping almond butter on their kid’s sandwich or cracking open another pistachio. 


But you know it’s a war - because the battles cost you product, time and money.


 It’s the battle between the food producers and storage facilities and rodents, bugs and other stored product pests. We’re spending our resources to produce, store and distribute safe and healthful food. The pests are spending their energy trying to get into those products to eat and contaminate them.


Protect Your Nuts offers a Better Approach to Pest Prevention

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We strongly believe that all food storage facilities should have a strategic expert in pest prevention on staff. Someone who understands that preventing pests from getting to food products to begin with is the best and most efficient strategy. While also knowing how to gather information, understanding how to interpret the data and knowing when it is time to take action.  You need a general in charge of your pest control war. Someone who is a strategic expert, not just a reactive soldier following a checklist. Unfortunately there is a huge demand for these experts and there aren’t enough to go around to fill all the potential full-time positions. Even the largest tree nut storage facilities might not want to incur the cost of another full-time employee.

So how do you get that high level of expert knowledge and strategy without a huge investment?

You CAN Get a Strategic Expert to Run YOUR Pest Prevention War

Sean Glover is that strategic expert and can be the "General" running your pest control war.


He founded Protect Your Nuts in Fresno, CA after years of seeing tree nut facilities, processors and hullers struggle with expensive, ineffective, reactive tree nut pest control activities. With 26 years of experience from multiple angles, Sean has developed a high-level, proactive tree nut pest control solution by creating an organization that provides:

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What you get with our services:

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Integrated expertise for your management team

A risk-based strategic plan for service

Inclusive, flat fee pricing which focused on the best option, not billable hours

A “special operators” team who specialize in tree nuts

Intelligence-gathering tools and software

Data-based verification for evaluating the effectiveness of strategies

A philosophy and process to provide continuous improvement

If you're experiencing losses, not sure how your pest control program compares to Protect Your Nuts, or are interested in more information,

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