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Insect Light Traps

Insect light traps, or ILTs, are a valuable tool used in almost every food processing or handling environment. When the insects fly near the ILT, they are either zapped with electricity or trapped onto glue boards. Only use the glue-style near food or food contact surfaces to avoid insect bits where you don't want them. ILTs are used to attract flying insects by using ultraviolet light technology.

ILTs are utilized to reduce the ever-present flying pests that may enter your facility and to monitor for pests already established inside. For stored product pests like Indian Meal Moths, you should be looking at an insect trap that uses pheromone technology instead. But for occasional invader flying insects, ILT's may be just what the doctor ordered.

The placement for ILTs is a key component in either population reduction or figuring out where the root of your problem is stemming from. Most of the time, they are placed next to a doorway to catch insects as they enter the plant. They may also be placed around a specific area to monitor for potential infestations.

Data collected from these ILTs will help a pest prevention specialist figure out things like: if the reason 200 flying insects were trapped on the device was due to a door being accidentally left open, or if the insects have already infested a part of the building. Once the data is collected and analyzed, a pest prevention specialist can lay out a plan to resolve the increased insect counts BEFORE they infest the whole area.

Check out the links below for more information on how ILTs work!

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