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Pest control checklist for plants with contracted pest control

This checklist is designed to help you audit your contracted pest control program. You should be confident that you have all these bases covered for a basic program. Of course, we are here to help you should the need arise.

  1. Does your Pest Control Operator (PCO) have the stored product pest expertise to help you with the more difficult challenges like Indian Meal Moth and Flour Beetle infestations?

  2. Does your PCO have the ability to help you with fumigation if needed?

  3. Written contract with pest management firm specifying who’s responsible for different elements of the pest management program

  4. Liability insurance with your company listed as additional insured

  5. Licensing, permits, training and quality assurance programs

  6. Site specific risk assessment performed by an expert in food pest management

  7. Software to track significant pest data and analyze it for trends, effectiveness and such

  8. Do they have an effective strategy?

  9. Quality assurance program to ensure your contractor is performing at an acceptable level

  10. Documentation for legal requirements, practical uses and audits

  11. Does your PCO seem to just do the basic trap checking and related paperwork?

  12. Does Your PCO work with you to develop preventive strategies?

  13. Does your PCO “blame” you for pest issues?

  14. Does your PCO communicate effectively with you so you are completely aware of what’s going on in your program?

  15. Are your pest counts getting better over time?

  16. Are you experiencing any pest related problems?

If you are missing any of these or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. We are here to help!

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