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Being a Tradesman: The Hidden Career Path You Should Be Taking

Think for a moment about everything that goes into keeping society ticking along: plumbing, electricity, air conditioning, roads, and so much more. I mean, we all like to drive on paved streets, flip on lights, eat good food, and live comfortably, right? Thank a tradesperson!

Whether we realize it or not, we rely on plumbers, electricians, HVAC workers, CalTrans employees, farmers... and Pest Prevention Specialists for many necessities, comforts, and conveniences we enjoy every day.

I'm sure you know plenty good people who have a four-year (or more!) degree literally gathering dust on a shelf. What about the financial debt from earning that degree? How many of those people are actually working in their degree field? A four-year college degree is a fine choice for some, but it's not always the most obvious path for many Americans. And it has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence OR motivation.

Now let's say you've already decided that a trade job is right for you. Have you thought about pest prevention? They say there's nothing certain in life except death and taxes. You can add pests to that list for sure! Food pest prevention is even more critical because we all have to eat!

Where there's something edible, there WILL be pests. Talk about job security. Farmers grow food, pests compete with people for that food. It's part of a Pest Prevention Specialist's job to help feed the people AND keep farmers in business. Any job can bring fulfillment, enjoyment, and success; pest prevention is no exception.

Skilled trade jobs have been around since the beginning of civilized society. They have a place now and always. Real people, like you, are needed to fill those jobs. Become a part of a great service team! Become a Pest Prevention Specialist! Our team currently has openings- Click below to view our positions available.

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