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Year-End Review

A year-end review of Protect Your Nuts business operations from Sean Glover, owner

Monday, January 7, 2019

2:46 PM

The end of the year is a natural time to reflect.

At Protect Your Nuts, we are thankful for the abundance we enjoy in the Central Valley, for our achievements and for lessons we have learned.

Image of owner Sean Glover's shoes as he fishes during the brief "off season" for tree nut pest prevention.

Our focus in 2018 was on advancing our tree nut pest control programs at each client facility and restructuring the company for growth in 2019.

At one tree nut storage facility, we virtually wiped out the single largest Flour Beetle population I had ever seen. I thought it would take two to three years, but we did it in one!

We also had significant growth in our best practices, software implementation, team and new tool development.

Since we embed ourselves in our client sites to become part of their operations (see how our pest control services work here), we have to be very selective of who and when we bring on new clients.

Up to now, we really wanted to only focus on one tree nut facility at a time. It took us most of a year to really integrate and dial in the programs.

During the 2018 harvest, we created new staff positions and developed strategies to speed the process up while maintaining quality at existing sites. This year, our goal is to add three more facilities. If you're thinking about having us "protect your nuts," schedule a consult now. Now is the ideal time so we have the full off-season to integrate, establish the preventive systems and prepare for harvest.

Currently, we are reviewing the programs at all our sites and our internal operations to set our path for the year. We are very excited about the future and grateful for the journey thus far.

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