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Harvest Prep

I haven't had time to write this blog in the last few weeks and really, I shouldn't be taking the time right now. We are in a sprint to get everything ready for the nuts' arrival from the orchards.

There are so many things to do from ensuring all our legal and compliance requirements are met to making sure your staff and equipment is prepared. It seems like everything you try to work on has some roadblock in front of it.

You are waiting for approval on this, waiting for someone else to finish that ... just so you can do your part. It's overwhelming sometimes, but every year we get the job done. The hours worked now to prepare will save you some hours during that insane time coming in just a few weeks.

The harvest season is an exciting, crazy time where we "go nuts" for about four or five months.

Working tons of hours, dealing with constant monkey wrenches being thrown into our best laid plans, and pulling off impossible goals to get nuts to clients.

Really, what this industry does and our little part of it amazes me. I am proud of you and am proud to be with you in the trenches. Best of luck to us all this season!

Image of nut trees before harvest time.

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