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Interested in starting a career as a tradesperson?

If you like working with your hands, taking pride in what you did at the end of the day, and experiencing a variety in your work, you will enjoy working with us.


Who are we looking for?

Candidates will need to demonstrate a willingness to do the right thing for their client and team. Our team requires individuals who can work in a team setting and independent of others.

Candidates should be able to work without direct supervision, be self-motivated, trustworthy, and work like they mean it.

If you are interested and this sounds like the job for you, fill out the form to the left and email us at

Work with us

What is it like working as a tradesperson?

Here is a link to a few words written by our president, Sean Glover, about what it is like to work as a tradesperson in todays world.


But don't think we are all work and no play! Check out our parody music video, Techs 'Round Here ( Boys 'Round Here by Blake Shelton Parody),  about what its like to work in tree nut pest prevention.


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